Group Leader
José M. de Pereda

Sergio de Cima

Graduate Students
Arturo Carabias

Master's Student
Nicolás Cuesta

José M. de Pereda, PhD
Científico Titular CSIC

 Phone: 34 923 294817
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Dr. Pereda did his thesis with Prof. José M Andreu at the Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas (CSIC, Madrid). He earned his PhD in Pharmacy from the Complutese University (Madrid, Spain) in 1995. His postdoctoral training began at the Vienna Biocenter (Austria) (1996-1997). In 1998 he joined the group of Prof. R.C. Liddington initially at the University of Leicester (UK) (until 1999), and later at The Burnham Institute (La Jolla, USA) (1999-2003). Dr. Pereda joined the Cancer Research Center in October 2003.

Sergio de Cima
Post-doctoral researcher
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Arturo Carabias
Graduate student
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Nicolás Cuesta
Master's student

Former lab members
Rubén Martínez Buey (ORCID) 2010-2013 Department of Microbiology and Genetics, University of Salamanca
José Antonio Manso (ORCID) 2012-2016 Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, University of Porto
PhD students
Esther Ortega (ORCID) 2007-2012 Post doct in the group of Daniel Panne at EMBL Grenoble
Noelia Alonso (ORCID) 2008-2012 Post doct in the Biomolecular Structure group at IBMC Porto
María Gómez 2008-2013
Ana Carballido 2010-2015

Master's students
Pablo Alcón 2011-2012 Graduate Student in the group of Guillermo Montoya at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).
Beatriz Escudero 2012-2013 Graduate Student in the Functional Proteomics group at the CIB (Madrid)
Patricia González 2013-2014
Rubén Picón 2015-2016

Carolina Martin 2010
Cristina Mayor 2010
Alvaro Inglés 2006-2007
Cathrin Kirchhöfer 2007
Antoine Perrin 2007
Hector Urien 2004-2006
Mónica Zarza 2006
Noelia López 2006

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