Structure databases
Secondary Structure Prediction Structure prediction and related Sequence analysis and related Protein structure clasification
Post-translational modification Prediction Effect of mutations, prediction
  • Auto-Mute: predicting functional consequences of mutations in proteins.
  • CUPSAT: Cologne University Protein Stability analysis Tool.
  • DUET server: predicting effects of mutations on protein stability
  • ERIS: protein stability prediction server
  • FoldX: effect of mutations on the stability, folding and dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids.
  • I-Mutant: Prediction of protein stability changes upon mutations.
  • PoPMuSiC: Prediction of protein stability changes upon mutations.
  • Pro-MAYA: Protein Mutant stAbilitY Analyzer.
  • ProSMS: Prediction of protein stability changes due to single amino acid mutations.
  • SMD: Predicting the effect of mutations on protein stability.
Temperature sensitive mutations
  • TSpred: server for the rational design of temperature-sensitive mutants.
Homology Modeling (and related) Mass Spectrometry Circular Dichroism Codon usage

Last update: 2nd July 2022